Swapping the glamor of being a London escort for a career in asbestos safety guidance and removal is not everybody’s idea of an ideal career change, but for one escort it is just that. Jenny, who has been working as London escort for several years, has jumped at the opportunity of a career in asbestos removal and can’t wait to get started. She will be one of very few women in the industry, and perhaps the only one that has moved into the career from the escorting industry.

asbestos safety

A Dream Job

“I’ve always wanted to get involved in building and construction but have never been given the opportunity until now”, said Jenny. “I’m quite small so I think a lot of people might think I am not up to the task physically, so I’ve had a lot of knock-backs in the past”, she added. “This opportunity isn’t quite what I had in mind, but it’s close enough and I am delighted”.

In Training

It is important to be very careful around asbestos so experts are expected to be well trained in handling it before they can get started. “I have started training and there is quite a lot to learn, but I just can’t wait to get started”, said Jenny. “Training has actually been quite interesting and the guys I’m working with are great”, she added. “I’m so grateful that I got this opportunity as I was beginning to think that it would never happen”, she concluded.