Renovating? Consider Asbestos Roof Removal Service First


If you intend to add value to your house, then renovating it is a good option. This is an assured way of cashing in when the time to sell it comes. But before you embark on the process of renovating, consider the high risks that you have to take that include the inevitable OHS hazards, the use of dangerous equipment, and more. Besides, you shouldn’t ignore the pertinent dangers posed by asbestos!

Asbestos is a versatile mineral that occurs naturally. It remained undiscovered until the 1900s when the construction industry identified some of its unique quality features such as its tensile strength, firefighting capabilities, and the ability to absorb sound. These unique features made asbestos one of the most sought-after material to solve construction material design problems.

Darker and gloomy consequences

Unknown to manufacturers, was the distressing reality about asbestos’s darker and gloomy consequences, when inhaled in its fibre form. This metal that works wonders in a myriad of applications is indeed a cause of some of the most deadly diseases in the world. Inhaling asbestos fibre can lead to asbestos poisoning and complications.

Some other life-threatening illnesses that can be caused by inhaling asbestos fibre include pleural and lung cancer and mesothelioma. So, if you’re planning either a long term or short term renovation of your house, you’re likely to face some grave implications from asbestos.

As technology improved and asbestos became more and more useful in many applications, including oven mitts, cigarette filters, shoe soles and even airport runways, the house construction remained the greatest consumer of asbestos.

Many homes in the UK constructed as early as the 20th century and up to 1984 contain significant amounts of asbestos. This means that if today you live in a house that was built two decades ago you could be a potential victim of asbestos poisoning. So it’s a good idea to commission an expert to conduct an asbestos audit in your home with the aim of getting rid of it. This way you can secure your precious life from the dangers asbestos can cause.

Floating fibres

If the materials containing asbestos in your house are well maintained, you’re still safe. Asbestos dangers are most likely to occur when the materials containing asbestos are exposed to natural causes such as severe weather or other forms of human interference. So avoid causing asbestos to generate fibre in any way! And mostly avoid letting the fibre float airborne.

You’re most likely to encounter materials containing asbestos in your home’s roof sheeting and cladding. We strongly advise that you call a professional asbestos roof removal company to come and dispose of your home’s asbestos roofing. Doing it on your own is an assured way of exposing yourself to grave danger.



Does Your Home Contain Asbestos?

Asbestos is a material that was once widely used for insulation and other purposes. In its heyday it was considered to be a miracle material that bought insulation and safety at a fraction of a cost of other materials. As time went by, though, we learned that it was actually very dangerous to us. Many people have suffered as a result, with some even losing their lives. This might lead some people to wonder if they have asbestos in their home.


New Homes Are Safe

The use of asbestos in the UK was banned outright as recently as 1999, with some types (such as crocidolite) being banned in 1985. What this means is that if your home was built after 1999, there should be no asbestos within the home at all. If you do live in a home that was built before this time, and it has not seen any major renovations, there’s a chance that asbestos is present.

What to Do?

Asbestos is only dangerous when it has been disturbed and the fibres are present in the air. This means that, in most cases, you are not in immediate danger. Still, though, this does not mean that it should be taken lightly. Considering the consequences involved, it just is not worth taking any risk with the material.
If you do think you have asbestos in your home, contact your local authorities. Whatever you do, do not try and deal with the problem by yourself. For asbestos to be removed safely requires the right training, and the right equipment.

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The London Escort Moving into an Interesting Career

Swapping the glamor of being a London escort for a career in asbestos safety guidance and removal is not everybody’s idea of an ideal career change, but for one escort it is just that. Jenny, who has been working as London escort for several years, has jumped at the opportunity of a career in asbestos removal and can’t wait to get started. She will be one of very few women in the industry, and perhaps the only one that has moved into the career from the escorting industry.

asbestos safety

A Dream Job

“I’ve always wanted to get involved in building and construction but have never been given the opportunity until now”, said Jenny. “I’m quite small so I think a lot of people might think I am not up to the task physically, so I’ve had a lot of knock-backs in the past”, she added. “This opportunity isn’t quite what I had in mind, but it’s close enough and I am delighted”.

In Training

It is important to be very careful around asbestos so experts are expected to be well trained in handling it before they can get started. “I have started training and there is quite a lot to learn, but I just can’t wait to get started”, said Jenny. “Training has actually been quite interesting and the guys I’m working with are great”, she added. “I’m so grateful that I got this opportunity as I was beginning to think that it would never happen”, she concluded.

PalaceVIP escorts


Anglican Consultants Contacted by London Escort for Asbestos Removal

A London escort has told how she nearly took a risk with asbestos but is relieved that she listened to advice and instead called in professional help instead. As a result, Anglican Consultants, professionals in asbestos removal and disposal, were called in to give advice and deal with an asbestos issue.

Susan, who has worked as an escort in the capital for three years, told how she nearly went ahead with renovating her apartment herself but fortunately a friend advised her that asbestos could be an issue. Susan is now urging others that they should be mindful of the asbestos threat when doing DIY at home.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal

Happy to Help.

The team at Anglican Consultants were of course happy to help Susan and encourage anybody to contact them or another professional if they are unsure. Mike Stevens, an asbestos removal technician with the company explained how too many people knowingly take a risk with asbestos or are unware of the risk altogether.

“A lot of people tend to go ahead with the ‘it won’t happen to me’ kind of attitude, but of course it has to happen to somebody’, he said. “Many people treat asbestos complacently because they hear that the risk of having asbestos-related complications is low even if they are directly exposed”. “While that may be true to a degree, the risk is still very much there and it simply is not a risk worth taking no matter small you might think that risk is”, he added.

A Genuine Threat.

Even though the use of asbestos in construction is now banned in the UK, thousands of new cases still arise every year in the UK. Buildings that were completed before the turn of the century were constructed before the ban was implemented so it is still a fairly common material despite the dangers it poses.

The material is mostly harmless when it is sitting dormant within a building’s construction but once disturbed, it can become a killer. Cases often arise when buildings are demolished, releasing the harmful fibers into the air where they are then inhaled. The fibers are also occasionally released inadvertently when people renovate their home and knock down walls or partitions containing the material.

Peace of Mind.

PalaceVIP London escort Susan is grateful that she called in help from the professionals, especially considering that she has had experience with the material before. “My father had asbestos-related complications later in his life”, she said. “I’m aware of what it can do, it just didn’t occur to me that it could be present in my property”

She added: “Cost was a concern for me as my job as a London escort just about covers the bills, but the consultation was free which helped”. “Thankfully the guys are Anglican Consultants were very understanding and helped to make it affordable for me”, she added.

Finally, Susan has some words of advice to anybody that might be thinking that they should try to save some money and deal with asbestos themselves. “If anybody saw how my father suffered because of asbestos then they would not even consider dealing with it themselves.”, she said. “It’s not just the person that has been exposed to asbestos that suffers either, the whole family goes through a terrible time”


Anglian Consultant An Awesome Career Move – When In London, Let London Escorts Make It That Much Better

Anglian Consultants offer professional asbestos removal advice and services, which is no short order. There was a time when asbestos was presumed the miracle product in the industry to protect from fire, insulate pipes and help in every insulation problem possible. Now, only three short decades later, the public is exploding with health issues related from lung diseases to stomach problems to breathing. What asbestos has done to the environment is so much more hazardous than any building professional could have ever imagined.

With trillions put aside to settle asbestos, it has become one of the greatest public health issues of a generation and probably beyond. The problem with asbestos is not only detecting it but knowing how to remove it. Not just something that you can go at with a hammer, there are very specific policies in place to removing asbestos and disposing of it. Not only is it dangerous to remove from living spaces, but storage of it is also even more hazardous and expensive. With such specific ways to remove dangerous materials, it takes a lot of training.

A very small professional removal field, many who learn how to deal with asbestos, have to travel for work. Coming from across not only the nation but from around the world, if you are traveling to the UK to help remove asbestos and are sick of traveling alone, the good news is that you don’t have to. There are many friendly locals to make you feel at home. Asbestos removal is not a one-day thing; sometimes it can take weeks to months.

asbestos removal advice

Professional asbestos removal companies can spend weeks to months to years on one project driving them away from home and the people that they love. That can leave to a long life waking up in strange places and strange towns. Sometimes you are in a town long enough to go to all the touristy places and see all the things that visitors should. Once you have been in London long enough to feel at home in a home that isn’t yours, it is time to see it from a local who knows all the really fun places to see.

London escorts can be your ticket to seeing London from a different perspective than you could have ever imagined on your own. Getting you into the hottest clubs and taking you to the most delectable cuisine establishments that London has to offer, you aren’t going just to see those places that get paid to be in books, you are going to find the hidden gems in the rough. If you want to spend less time alone, then there are always London escorts who are more than willing to make your stay much more enjoyable and exciting. A cut above the rest, London escorts, such as the lovely www.palacevip.com girls are the ingredient to make your stay feel much more like home, or to add that extra fun to make memories for a lifetime. Asbestos removal may be an awesome career move, and so is taking the time, while in London, to enjoy the local fare and the local London escorts.


A Wonder Material That turned out to be a Killer

The dangers of asbestos are widely known nowadays, and most people know to call for professional assistance when it needs to be dealt with. The material has been banned in construction completely since the turn of the century but considering many buildings were constructed before the ban, it is still a very common material to this day.

If you do suspect that your property has asbestos present then play it safe and contact Anglican Consultants or other local asbestos removal professionals. If you are unsure of whether or not there is a risk, Anglican Consultants offer free consultations so there is no cost to you if there is no asbestos present.

The ‘Magical Mineral’.

Although many people are aware of the dangers of asbestos, not so many are aware as to why it became so common in the first place. One reason why asbestos was so commonly used in building materials was its fire-retardant properties. Mixed in with building materials such as roofing tiles, asbestos would help prevent fires at the buildings it was used in.

Asbestos is also an excellent sound and heat insulator which gives even more reason for it to be used in construction, while its fire retardant properties have even seen it used in the making of some protective clothing in the past. Such was its popularity in the past due to its extremely useful properties, it was dubbed ‘the magic mineral’ and was known as such throughout the various industries in which the substance was prevalent.

The Problem with Asbestos


So why is asbestos a danger to us anyway? The answer lies in its composition. Asbestos is a fibrous, crystalline material and when damaged, tiny fibres are released into the air. The released fibres are tiny, so much so that they can be invisible to the naked eye, making them easily inhaled.

Once inhaled, the fibres can become embedded into the sensitive lining of the lungs, and this is where the problems begin. The tiny fibres irritate and damage the sensitive lining of the lungs, leading to scarring and a thickening of the skin. This toughening of the skin reduces the capacity of the lungs making it harder to breathe. Severe cases can be fatal.

The damage that the fibres cause to the cells lining the lungs can also lead to another problem….. cancer. Mesothelioma in particular is a very aggressive form of cancer found in the lungs and the bowels (the fibres can also be ingested). Once mesothelioma has been diagnosed, life expectancy can be between 1 and 2 years. Mesothelioma is a condition that caused only be asbestos exposure, no other known cause is known.

A ticking time-bomb

Even people that have been heavily exposed to asbestoswill rarely experience any complications for some time as it can take years for any symptoms to appear. The damage caused by the fibres within the walls lining the walls of the lungs is slight, yet cumulative, and after some time the damage accumulated could be very serious indeed.

Leave it to the Pros

The team at Anglican Consultants have the know-how and the equipment needed to deal with the threat in a way that reduces the risk to everybody. The equipment used helps to make sure that all of the fibres are contained safely, while safety equipment also helps to ensure that the technicians performing the removal are also safe. With the very real risks associated with handling asbestos, complacency can be deadly, so it is always advisable to call in the professionals.