A London escort has told how she nearly took a risk with asbestos but is relieved that she listened to advice and instead called in professional help instead. As a result, Anglican Consultants, professionals in asbestos removal and disposal, were called in to give advice and deal with an asbestos issue.

Susan, who has worked as an escort in the capital for three years, told how she nearly went ahead with renovating her apartment herself but fortunately a friend advised her that asbestos could be an issue. Susan is now urging others that they should be mindful of the asbestos threat when doing DIY at home.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal

Happy to Help.

The team at Anglican Consultants were of course happy to help Susan and encourage anybody to contact them or another professional if they are unsure. Mike Stevens, an asbestos removal technician with the company explained how too many people knowingly take a risk with asbestos or are unware of the risk altogether.

“A lot of people tend to go ahead with the ‘it won’t happen to me’ kind of attitude, but of course it has to happen to somebody’, he said. “Many people treat asbestos complacently because they hear that the risk of having asbestos-related complications is low even if they are directly exposed”. “While that may be true to a degree, the risk is still very much there and it simply is not a risk worth taking no matter small you might think that risk is”, he added.

A Genuine Threat.

Even though the use of asbestos in construction is now banned in the UK, thousands of new cases still arise every year in the UK. Buildings that were completed before the turn of the century were constructed before the ban was implemented so it is still a fairly common material despite the dangers it poses.

The material is mostly harmless when it is sitting dormant within a building’s construction but once disturbed, it can become a killer. Cases often arise when buildings are demolished, releasing the harmful fibers into the air where they are then inhaled. The fibers are also occasionally released inadvertently when people renovate their home and knock down walls or partitions containing the material.

Peace of Mind.

PalaceVIP London escort Susan is grateful that she called in help from the professionals, especially considering that she has had experience with the material before. “My father had asbestos-related complications later in his life”, she said. “I’m aware of what it can do, it just didn’t occur to me that it could be present in my property”

She added: “Cost was a concern for me as my job as a London escort just about covers the bills, but the consultation was free which helped”. “Thankfully the guys are Anglican Consultants were very understanding and helped to make it affordable for me”, she added.

Finally, Susan has some words of advice to anybody that might be thinking that they should try to save some money and deal with asbestos themselves. “If anybody saw how my father suffered because of asbestos then they would not even consider dealing with it themselves.”, she said. “It’s not just the person that has been exposed to asbestos that suffers either, the whole family goes through a terrible time”