A Wonder Material That turned out to be a Killer

The dangers of asbestos are widely known nowadays, and most people know to call for professional assistance when it needs to be dealt with. The material has been banned in construction completely since the turn of the century but considering many buildings were constructed before the ban, it is still a very common material to this day.

If you do suspect that your property has asbestos present then play it safe and contact Anglican Consultants or other local asbestos removal professionals. If you are unsure of whether or not there is a risk, Anglican Consultants offer free consultations so there is no cost to you if there is no asbestos present.

The ‘Magical Mineral’.

Although many people are aware of the dangers of asbestos, not so many are aware as to why it became so common in the first place. One reason why asbestos was so commonly used in building materials was its fire-retardant properties. Mixed in with building materials such as roofing tiles, asbestos would help prevent fires at the buildings it was used in.

Asbestos is also an excellent sound and heat insulator which gives even more reason for it to be used in construction, while its fire retardant properties have even seen it used in the making of some protective clothing in the past. Such was its popularity in the past due to its extremely useful properties, it was dubbed ‘the magic mineral’ and was known as such throughout the various industries in which the substance was prevalent.

The Problem with Asbestos


So why is asbestos a danger to us anyway? The answer lies in its composition. Asbestos is a fibrous, crystalline material and when damaged, tiny fibres are released into the air. The released fibres are tiny, so much so that they can be invisible to the naked eye, making them easily inhaled.

Once inhaled, the fibres can become embedded into the sensitive lining of the lungs, and this is where the problems begin. The tiny fibres irritate and damage the sensitive lining of the lungs, leading to scarring and a thickening of the skin. This toughening of the skin reduces the capacity of the lungs making it harder to breathe. Severe cases can be fatal.

The damage that the fibres cause to the cells lining the lungs can also lead to another problem….. cancer. Mesothelioma in particular is a very aggressive form of cancer found in the lungs and the bowels (the fibres can also be ingested). Once mesothelioma has been diagnosed, life expectancy can be between 1 and 2 years. Mesothelioma is a condition that caused only be asbestos exposure, no other known cause is known.

A ticking time-bomb

Even people that have been heavily exposed to asbestoswill rarely experience any complications for some time as it can take years for any symptoms to appear. The damage caused by the fibres within the walls lining the walls of the lungs is slight, yet cumulative, and after some time the damage accumulated could be very serious indeed.

Leave it to the Pros

The team at Anglican Consultants have the know-how and the equipment needed to deal with the threat in a way that reduces the risk to everybody. The equipment used helps to make sure that all of the fibres are contained safely, while safety equipment also helps to ensure that the technicians performing the removal are also safe. With the very real risks associated with handling asbestos, complacency can be deadly, so it is always advisable to call in the professionals.

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Anglian Consultant An Awesome Career Move – When In London, Let London Escorts Make It That Much Better

Anglian Consultants offer professional asbestos removal advice and services, which is no short order. There was a time when asbestos was presumed the miracle product in the industry to protect from fire, insulate pipes and help in every insulation problem possible. Now, only three short decades later, the public is exploding with health issues related from lung diseases to stomach problems to breathing. What asbestos has done to the environment is so much more hazardous than any building professional could have ever imagined.

With trillions put aside to settle asbestos, it has become one of the greatest public health issues of a generation and probably beyond. The problem with asbestos is not only detecting it but knowing how to remove it. Not just something that you can go at with a hammer, there are very specific policies in place to removing asbestos and disposing of it. Not only is it dangerous to remove from living spaces, but storage of it is also even more hazardous and expensive. With such specific ways to remove dangerous materials, it takes a lot of training.

A very small professional removal field, many who learn how to deal with asbestos, have to travel for work. Coming from across not only the nation but from around the world, if you are traveling to the UK to help remove asbestos and are sick of traveling alone, the good news is that you don’t have to. There are many friendly locals to make you feel at home. Asbestos removal is not a one-day thing; sometimes it can take weeks to months.

asbestos removal advice

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